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  1. Can you model retaining walls in Slope?

  2. Changes to wall EI don't cause changes in deflection

  3. Does Slope consider the Morgenstern-Price or Spencer's methods for both force and moment equilibrium?

  4. How can I model the change from undrained soil to drained soil in the long term?

  5. How do you model an artesian water basin or perched water table in Slope?

  6. I want to paste a bitmap image into my Frew file title block. I have tried saving the bitmap as all of the available options in Paint (I see the help file says RGB but I don't know which one that is) but when I click paste nothing happens. How?

  7. In the Analysis Method dialog, which Factor of Safety should I use?

  8. In the Analysis Method table, which Method of Analysis should I use?

  9. Is it possible to print all output stages at once using frew? I've tried the 'batch plotting' but it only printed multiple copies of the first output stage

  10. Is there any way to estimate the maximum displacement of the wall under a horizontal load?

  11. Occasionally analyses obtain bending moments below the wall and very erratic results e.g. for total stresses

  12. The passive softening option in the analysis method dialog box appears to be locked and cannot be accessed.

  13. When we assign a Preload of 600kN/m to a Strut element at Stage 7, the program analyses and output a Strut load of 112kN/m only which is smaller than the Preload (600kN/m) at the same Stage !! Can you tell us how come the discrepancy between assigned Preload and the output Strut load?

  14. Why does applying a soil nail force as a surface load obtain a different Factor of Safety?

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