How can we improve Oasys Structural software in a BIG way?

Generalise section objects

Extend scope of standard sections such that a section can be shared between GSA, AdSec, ADC and Compos.
To facilitate:
*• transfer of data between programs without data loss or complex manipulations
* cracked section analysis
* tapered sections
GSA cold-formed section properties
* Add cold-formed purlins/girts to section database
* Accommodate Cee and Zed section shapes
GSA fabricated sections
* Incorporate advanced section property calcs.
* Implement in steel design (in a general, code independent, way??)
GSA section insertion points
* Section offset/insertion point options (top right, top center, top left, middle right, centroid, middle left, bottom right, bottom center, bottom left, shear center, etc.)

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  • Andrew Mole commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Glad to see this has been started. No need to waste a vote on it then! I look forward to seeing it along with integration between GSA and AdSec. :-)

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